Email services

Netlocal charges £15 per annum for an email address ending with, or another neighbourhood.

Netlocal Internets has a small but growing number of clients for email services. Grouped by their respective neighbourhood ensures smaller traffic loads and helps to speed up our mail servers. Attachment sizes are also more generous than other mail carriers. Reports of 50mb attachments is rare but possible on Netlocals mail servers.

Netlocals exclusive email address naming service, available from each neighbourhood offers a good email name, avoiding having to put up with a name and number address, such as 'shirley123@xxx', because there are hundreds of them on the big traffic mail servers.

Furthermore, Netlocal offers a personal service and endeavours to improve the email experience. Mailbox server antivirus, autoresponses and email forwarding are added by request. Netlocal Internets reserves the right to refuse an email address service without explanation.

By November this year, 2009, all Netlocal Internets mail servers will have been replaced with upto date and improved systems. Existing clients will be offered 'new though same name' email addresses on the above terms.

Those clients with a maintenace agreement with Aprompt or Netlocal do not pay the annual charges for email services. Maintenance agreements are available only within Netlocal Neighbourhoods and are charged at £7.00 per calendar month.

Prices may vary and will be displayed on this page.


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