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Parking in Windsor

On this page you will find a map of parking areas in Windsor and the location of the main car parks plus news of other plans for car parking locally.

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2002 Plans for Alma Road Car Parking Plans at Alexandra Gardens

Parking difficulties 1999

Parking ticket machine

A Windsor Parking Ticket machine

A note to the disabled

Please note that all the car parks are below the castle and the shopping areas at the top of the town. King Edward Car Park, marked on the map and pictured below, is probably the most convenient car park for those who may find it difficult to negotiate steps or long inclines as disabled car parking is available above level four. Even from the King Edward Car Park however, the walk to the castle does involve some inclines.

Disabled parking is also available in Thames Street, just below the castle walls.

NB Due to recent alterations in the 'Parking Strategy' for Windsor, some of the above areas of street parking may have changed. For additional information see the RBWM Web pages

Car parks are indicated on the map above by


In past years press reports suggested that a privately run car park in River Street was 'over-zealous' in its use of wheel clamps. Visitors' cars were clamped for exceeding their allotted parking time, or parking slightly out of the marked bays. Fees to be released from the clamps were reported to be £120. Visitors to the nearby theatre were also clamped.

With the law now having been changed, we hope that this problem no longer arises.

Car Park

For more information see our discussion area here

Park and Ride at Legoland

Park and Ride at Legoland is free, but a charge is made for the bus into the town centre. The scheme is by far the cheapest and easiest parking option for the town centre although you should allow perhaps 30 minutes or more waiting and travel time for the bus.

The Park and Ride at Legoland is open all year round. Special LEGOLAND shuttle buses operate every half hour for most of the day but only when Legoland is open (late March to late October) when buses run every thirty minutes between 10am and 7pm. Stops are in Thames Street and in the High Street.

A bus service, 190, 191 and Green Line Coach Service 702 operate between LEGOLAND and central Windsor at the special Park & Ride Fares. These are long distant bus services that pass by Legoland on their scheduled routes.

Park and Ride at the Home Park

Two car parks adjacent to the Home Park are also served by a bus link at peak times.

Additional information

For information about residents' permits and visitors' vouchers please see the council's website or residents may write to The Traffic and Transportation Unit, Town Hall, St Ives Road, Maidenhead SL6 1RF.

Details about the Advantage Card scheme and how to apply are also available on the council's website.

Arthur Road - King Edward Car Park

Approaching King Edward Car Park from Arthur Road. Turn right at the roundabout ahead. This is probably the most convenient car park for disabled visitors due to its proximity to the castle and shopping streets, plus less need to climb up the hill around the castle.

Entrance to King Edward Car Park

The entrance to King Edward car park. Note the tight turn and narrow entrance before the service road. Not one of Windsor's most attractive areas!

Car Park Victoria Street

Above. The car park in Victoria Street. Most convenient for shops in lower Peascod Street and St Leonards Road. The entrance is at the back of the car park

Alexandra Gardens parking

The car park at Alexandra Gardens accessed from Alma Road/Arthur Road traffic lights. This, with River Street Car Park near Windsor Bridge, is the most convenient car park for the riverside.

Leisure Centre Car Park

The far end of the car park at Windsor Leisure Centre, west of the town centre. Access from the junction in Maidenhead Road beside Windsor Boys School. Very convenient for the river, although it is a ten minute walk into the town centre.

Parking in Windsor 2002
The effect of the new regulations

Teething Troubles

Revised parking regulations came into force on Monday September 9th 2002 and within two hours we received reports of parking ticket machines not switched on, or if they were, residents' Advantage Cards were not being accepted!
This did not stop a small army of wardens (well, about 6) issuing tickets to those motorists unable to purchase a valid parking ticket. The system was up and running correctly later in the week.

Parking ticket machine out of use

Parking ticket machine at rest! Oxford Road, Windsor on day two, September 10th 2002

Effect of Parking Regulations

New parking regulations came into force in Windsor on September 9th 2002. Windsor and Maidenhead Borough Council claimed that the intention was to encourage long term parking away from the town centre to make available more short-term parking for visitors and shoppers. In that respect, a month after the new regulations came into force, it is now a great deal easier to park in shopping streets such as St Leonards Road which goes to prove that most parking was by employees in the town, electing to park for free all day, rather than use the multi-storey car parks. In the main therefore the plan has been a success and achieved its objective, although to what extent parking fines and income from the black ticket issuing machines around the town, is hard to say.
  Complaints since the introduction of the scheme are primarily about the length of permitted stay, where the 30 minute limit closer to the town centre is not considered sufficient to get to the top of the town and visit more than one or two shops.

Letter to the Editor
from Councillor Keith Evans, Trinity Ward
14th October 2002

As one of a team of local Councillors that had input to the new parking scheme , I would like to thank you for your positive comments as to it's effect.
  You correctly point out that whilst the scheme seems to prove the on street spaces were used by office workers etc parking illegally all day, we now need to attract Windsor residents to use the newly available spaces.
  I can reveal that inter alia we are going to increase the waiting time in St Leonard's Rd to 1 hour and start the scheme later at 9am, not 8am , when most residents have then gone.
  I myself would like to see the scheme stop at 6pm where there are churches such as Alma Rd and pubs such as the Vansittart , and payment free with the Advantage card (but we shall have to see what revenue the scheme produces before this can be done).
  Please let me know your findings and I will personally let them be known.
  Again my compliments on a very informative website,

Keith Evans
Cllr. Trinity Ward

Royal Borough Press Releases

New era for parking in Windsor

Monday, 12 August 2002

A new era for parking in Windsor gets under way on Monday September 9 with changes to on-street parking arrangements - and for the first time the council will be in charge to make sure it all works smoothly.
  The Royal Borough will take over responsibility from the police for enforcing the parking scheme, to be introduced after widespread public consultation which resulted in a number of changes to original proposals.
  Cllr Peter Spooner, lead member for transport infrastructure, said the aim was to "give Windsor streets back to Windsor residents" by providing better opportunities for parking near their own homes.
  He said:  "We want to encourage visitors and other long-term parkers to use the car parks rather than leaving their vehicles in nearby roads.  Local residents deserve to be able to park as close as possible to where they live and the new arrangements are geared to help them do just that.
  "We took great care to consult as many people as possible in the local community and their views have had a direct influence on the new scheme, including a reduction in the originally proposed price for parking permits and the retention of limited waiting in each street, with a pay and display system to make sure drivers don't outstay their welcome.
  "My thanks go to everyone who played a constructive part in the consultation and contributed to making Windsor parking better for local people."
  Cllr Spooner said this was the first stage of the council's overall determination to improve parking and ease congestion in Windsor town centre.  He explained:  "Our proposals for the Riverside, Alexandra car park and Alma Road area have already met with considerable local approval and we remain committed to a park and ride solution for the town with ongoing discussions taking place with our colleagues in Slough to progress the proposal."
  Also scheduled to start on September 9 is a scheme to free up space for shoppers in two local car parks.
  The aim is to encourage long-stay parkers to use spaces furthest from the town centre.  At Romney Lock, 27 short-stay spaces will be allocated for up to four hours' parking, with 48 designated in the King Edward VII car park, Datchet Road.
  Cllr Spooner said:  "We don't want to stop commuters and town centre employees from leaving their cars there all day.  However, we need to ensure that people who want to park for shorter periods of time have access to spaces which are more convenient to the town centre."

Redevelopment of the Riverside and Alexandra Gardens

Please note that plans were once proposed for changes to the riverfront at Windsor whereby Barry Avenue would be closed to traffic and additional parking spaces created on a second level by the railway arches adjacent to Alexandra Gardens. See our histories about The Promenade at Windsor and Alexandra Gardens.

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