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savill 1

A view across the stream towards the Temperate House in early Spring

The Savill Garden covers approximately 35 acres and dates from 1932 when it was started by Eric Savill, Deputy Ranger of Windsor Great Park, with the support of King George V and Queen Mary. With the intervention of the war, the garden could not be completed until the early 1950s. It is said that immediately following the war Eric Savill used bricks from bombed houses in the East End of London to create the Walled Garden.
  Originally known as The Bog Garden, George VI asked that it be renamed in honour of Eric Savill in 1951. Eric Savill was knighted in 1955. The area is ideally suited to the cultivation of rhododendrons and azaleas and so is at its best in April and May, but development over the years ensures interest all year round and the garden is now considered one of the finest woodland gardens anywhere in the world, containing a great number of rare specimens. In addition large herbaceous borders, a rose garden, peat beds, wall garden and bog garden combine to offer a wealth of interest to the visitor.
  By the entrance the visitor can immediately see laid out ahead the broad slopes running down to the stream and lake, with woodland beyond. Pathways reach out in all directions, many designed for wheelchair access, making for a delightful couple of hours exploring the various areas around the garden.
  Facilities include an excellent plant centre and shop, a restaurant over looking the gardens, as well as a Temperate Glasshouse, opened in 1995 and named after the Queen Mother. Parking is convenient and located directly outside the garden.

Approximate Opening Times
10am-6pm Mar-Oct
10am-4pm Nov-Feb

Contact: 044 (0)1753 860222

Savill Garden, Crown Estate Office, The Great Park, Windsor, Berkshire.

savill 2

The stream in April

savill 3

Azaleas in springtime

savill 4

The view back across the valley from the greenhouse

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Savill 6

Delightful woodland pathways

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