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Identify the Guardsmen by their Buttons!

Grenadiers? Coldstream? Scots, Irish or Welsh?

There are two easy identification details for all of the guardsmen listed below.

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Tunic Buttons

Badge on Collar

Badge on Shoulder

Plume 'hackle' on Bearskin

Grenadier Guards Single Grenade Royal Cipher White on left side
Coldstream Guards Pairs Garter Star Rose Red on right side
Scots Guards Threes Star, Order of Thistle Thistle None
Irish Guards Fours Shamrock Star, Order of St. Patrick Blue on right side
Welsh Guards Fives Leek Leek White and green
on left side

The order in which regiments form up when on parade together is: Grenadiers on right flank, then the Welsh Guards, Scots Guards in the centre, the Irish Guards and the Coldstream Guards on the left flank.

 Grenadier Guard

This is The Ensign of the Grenadier Guards. The tunic features single buttons on the front of the tunic and the bearskin, see right, features a white plume on the left hand side.

A Note on Names

Busby v Bearskin

A Guardsman would refer to his headgear as a Bearskin although it is often wrongly referred to as a Busby - a small fur hat approximately eight inches high that is worn by some regiments. We recommend therefore that a Guardsman's Bearskin is never referred to as a Busby - in military terms it is an insult!!
  Trials with synthetic materials were carried out for a period but were found to be unsatisfactory. We are told that the 'bearskins' in use today are still real Canadian bear fur obtained from animals culled for conservation purposes.

Ensign v Standard Bearer

The standard bearer would be known as The Ensign in the infantry as standards and guidons are only used by the cavalry - and the RAF sometimes has a standard too.

The Editor is grateful to Keith, Jim and Richard for their advice on this matter.

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The Queen's Jubilee Celebrations, 2002

'The Colour' - An Explanation

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