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Updated June 2006

The Threat to 1930s Properties
in Clarence Road...
... Appeal thrown out by Inspector, June 2004
but still they try... November 2004
... boarded-up the properties in February 2005
... demolished in May 2006

Update June 2006

Finally, and it really is a matter of "finally", these five properties have been demolished. It seems a great shame that the eyesore that is empty, boarded-up properties such as these seem to go through the inevitable stages of sale to developers, boarding up, fire and vandalism before the eye-sore is finally demolished. It remains to be seen when and what will be built in their stead, but here at the RWWS we are of the view that high quality 1930s properties such as these deserve to be protected as vigorously as older buildings. The alternative is a street progressively filled with 3 and 4 storey blocks of flats.

Demolioshed June 2006

Demolished June 2006

A digger clears the site as the five 1930s properties are finally demolished.

Update February 2005

It is with great sadness that we must report that the five properties affected by this planning application have now been sold by their previous owners. The homes are now boarded up.
  It remains to be seen if permission will eventually be given for their demolition and redevelopment as it will mark the end of an attractive, quality residential area.

Clarence Rd Boarded up 1

Clarence Rd Boarded up 2

Clarence Rd Boarded up 5

Clarence Rd Boarded up 3

Castle view

There can't be many roads in the UK with views such as this of the castle. But this one is now severely under threat... so unnecessary.

We trust the Inspector will repeat his refusal for development as he has done previously. The risk of transformation from 'attractive 1930s residential' to 'dull as ditch-water flats' must be opposed at all costs.

Update from November 2004

Incredibly, we hear that the developers have put in yet another application to demolish this area of quality 1930s dwellings in order to build flats. What part of 'No' do these people not understand? The development is unwelcome and entirely inappropriate for the area for a variety of reasons not least that the plans were considered 'detrimental to the character and amenity' of the area. We should be pleased that the local authority, and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister have refused permission for this development as the 'domino effect' of other similar applications would threaten the whole length of Clarence Road.

Earlier Report

Summer 2003

Planning permission and subsequent appeal refused for demolition to make way for 59 flats

Clarence Road 1 Clarence Road 2

Two of the five threatened properties in Clarence Road in 2003


Clarence Road new flats

Across the road, where the battle was lost.
The latest development plans would have been double the height of the flats illustrated above.

It was been reported in the Windsor Express of August 7th 2003 that plans to demolish five 1930s properties near the Relief Road roundabout were rejected by the local planning committee on the grounds that the scale and density was detrimental to the character and amenity of the town.
  The plans submitted by Cube Land Securities provided for the construction of 53 two bedroom apartments and 6 one bedroom apartments on four floors at 129-137 Clarence Road. The owners of the properties had all accepted substantial offers for their properties.
  The decision was subsequently the subject of an appeal to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister but when the decision came at the end of June 2004, the appeal was rejected so the character of this area will be retained despite the extensive development on the other side of the roundabout on the Trevelyan School site, and the earlier development across the road which is of debatable architectural value and which features a mish-mash of styles including mock regency and 'dull as ditch water' 60s.
  The decision by the Inspector is a significant one and sends a signal loud and clear to any other developers with similar plans that demolishing quality homes in the borough to increase the housing density is undesirable and will not be permitted.

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