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25th September 2003

RBWM spams 4,852
local businesses!!

With viruses aplenty such as SOBIG and variants, local businesses and residents are furious at this morning's mass mailing to harvested email addresses in the borough on, of all things, SECURITY!!!! The mailing features a hefty attachment of 112kb headed

"How secure is your business?"

It seems that those recipients' PCs with inadequate virus protection are already unwittingly generating additional emails to others on the list, further clogging the email system. The latest virus, Swen, detected on September 18th 2003, being a prime culprit. Click here for more info

By 10:47 the same morning, the Borough had sent out a second email as follows:

Please accept our sincere apologies for the recent e-mail regarding The
Business Roadshow and associated circulation of e-mail addresses. This was
due to an administrative error and no inconvenience or offence was intended.
   The Council values its links with the local business community and we hope
this unfortunate incident will not affect future working relations.
   If you have further comments, please address these solely to the Council,
rather than using the "reply to all" option as this is proving to be

[Name withheld, Editor]
Borough Secretary
Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead

If you have any comments on the above please let us know at Thamesweb

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