The Golden Jubilee Parade

Windsor, 3rd June 2002

There was a carnival atmosphere in Windsor as many thousands of Windsorians and visitors lined the streets around the castle, eager to congratulate HM The Queen on the occasion of her Golden Jubilee.   Accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh, who has been at her side on so many such occasions in the last 50 years, yet none so joyful as this, the warm reception that the vast crowd gave to Her Majesty was truly memorable. Here was a very, VERY, large crowd in party mood, larger than for state visits and other state occasions in the town. Even the empty Rolls Royce Limousine received a great cheer as it emerged from beside The Guildhall where The Queen was visiting 'The Queen in Windsor Exhibition' organised by The Windsor Express newspaper.

Crowds line the castle walls, the 'Keep off the Grass' signs being temporarily ignored during this special occasion.

Before the Queen arrived the crowds had been delighted by a long Parade of local groups led by a mounted escort provided by The Thames Valley Police, followed by The St John Ambulance, school groups, scouts, the Band of the Royal Logistics Corps, The Red Cross, Berkshire Yeomanry, Colours and ex-service,men fro a variety of local associations, Hospital and Church groups, drama and sports societies, the World Eagle Claw King Fu, complete with Dancing Dragon and many other local charities. Even Harry Potter was represented.

Windsor Horticultural Society

One of five bands


Concorde hitches a lift on a lorry.
Concorde had departed Heathrow some minutes earlier to the delight of the crowd who rarely see this beautiful aircraft in flight

England supporters

With the Football World Cup beginning this weekend, supporters of the English team in Japan took this opportunity to show their colours.

The Band of The Sea Cadets

Nostalgia Bus

An open top bus reminded us all of songs and music familiar from throughout the Queen's reign.

The Queen and the Duke stand for a few moments before returning to their car.

The Queen walked from The Guildhall past the massed crowds that had gathered to cheer her to her waiting car at the foot of Castle Hill

The Queen and the Duke watched the procession, comprising some 1,500 people, from The Guildhall and afterwards stepped out into the High Street to meet members of the public lining the road. The Queen received a tumultuous reception at this point, the roars and cheers wafting the length of the High Street and down Thames Street as the Queen and Duke returned to their car for the short trip to Windsor Bridge. As she drove by she was smiling broadly, seeming to remark to the Duke about the numbers of people, as she pointed to the crowds on the grassy slopes around the castle. Truth be told, the public are asked not to walk on the grass lawns at this point but on occasions such as these, no-one minded if the rules were broken just a little if it helped everyone to get a better view.

We hope The Queen enjoyed her outing in Windsor as we enjoyed extending to her our congratulations and warmest best wishes. There is no doubt that on this showing the Republicans will have a very long wait indeed!

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