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The following article was taken from The General Gazeteer by R Brookes MD, published in 1791.

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WINDSOR, a town of Berkshire, with a market on Saturdays. It is pleasantly seated on the banks of the Thames, in a healthful air; and is a handsome, large, well-inhabited place; but chiefly famous for its magnificent castle, which is a royal palace. It is a place of great strength, on account of its situation, as it stands on an eminence, and affords a most delightful and extensive prospect over the country to a considerable distance. her the ceremony of installing the knights of the Garter is performed on St George's Day*. with great pomp and magnificence; and St George's Hall which is paved with marble, is one of the finest rooms in Europe.
 The Royal Chapel at the east end of it, is also paved with marble, and adorned with carved work, exceedingly curious. St George's Chapel, in which the knights of the garter are installed, is one of the most beautiful; and stately Gothic buildings in the world. In the choir are the stalls for the 26 knights, with banners over them, and a throne for the sovereign. As the knights die, their banners are taken down, and their titles and coats of arms engraved on little copper plates and nailed to the stalls, from whence they are never removed.
 The apartments of this palace are adorned with curious paintings and the rooms are large and lofty, insomuch that they are hardly to be paralleled in Europe. The Parish Church is large having a ring of eight bells, and in the High Street there is a handsome town hall with a statue of Queen Anne at one end, and Prince George of Denmark at the other.
 It sends two members to parliament and is 22 miles W. of London.
 Longitude 0.36.W. Latitude 51.30.N

*No longer. It now takes place in June.

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