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The Demolition of the
Imperial Service College Buildings
1960s and 1970s

The history of St Mark's School, United Services College and
Imperial Service College at Windsor is here

The Demolition of The Macaskie Block, 1964

Macaskie Block

The Macaskie classroom block was the first of the former ISC buildings to be demolished in 1964 to make way for Goslar Way, linking with the Relief Road to Slough and the M4. In the view below, the chapel is still standing to the left, and the Horse Hall to the right, but only the northern end wall of the classroom block remains. This view, from Kipling Building, is almost exactly down its length as it was built at right angles to King Edward Horse Hall. The story goes that the classroom block, as befits a public school, had been built to last hundreds of years so it took rather longer than expected to demolish it!

Demolition of the Macaskie Block

The last stages of the demolition of the Macaskie classroom block as Goslar Way is constructed

Kipling Building

Kipling Building shortly before the construction of Goslar Way.
Note the banking along the line the rifle range to the right, with the roof of a firing area under the trees

Goslar Way pushes through the grounds of ISC

Goslar Way pushes through by Kipling Building. The firing range has now been levelled.

Even the lawn has been ploughed by this time.


Later Demolitions of the ISC Buildings
to the south of Kipling Building

We do not have a precise date for the demolition of the buildings below, but believe it to be in the early 1970s.

Kipling Area Demolition

The view south-east from Kipling Building across the lawns towards
Alma Road, the Goodhart Gates, Alexander House, School Room and Gym.

Kipling Area Demolition

The view from the current entrance (as of 2002) looking south
The School Room and Gym is to the right of this view.

Kipling Area Demolition

Kipling Area Demolition

The area around the School Room

Kipling Area Demolition - Goodheart Gates

The remains of the Goodhart Gates with the School Room beyond.
The original wooden gates had been removed some years earlier.

These buildings were last used in the 1970s by Windsor Corporation as the council depot before the construction of the corporation depot at Tinkers Lane. Earlier, from the 1930s to the 1960s, the council depot had been to the south-east of the junction of Alma Road and Arthur Road, now part of Ward Royal.

Kipling Area Demolition

Around this time Lawrence House in Alma Road was demolished too to make way for the modern block of flats of the same name.

The Demolition of King Edward Horse Hall, 1982

See also History of ISC in Windsor

Horse Hall 3

The roof of King Edward Horse Hall is removed. This view from York Road.


Horse Hall 4

King Edward Horse Hall during demolition viewed from Goslar Way.


Horse Hall 2

The roof of King Edward Horse Hall is removed. The well-known clock tower is still to be seen at Kipling Court. See below.

Horse Hall 1

Kipling Court's Clock

Kipling Court's clock from the former Kipling Building which stood close by.

The most recently demolished building was Kipling Building itself around 1980. Pictures are included in our story here.
Kipling Building.

The sole remaining buildings with direct connections to both United Services College and Imperial Service College are Camperdown House, now extended and converted into flats, and Connaught House, at the junction of St Leonards Road and Osborne Road and used by Upton House School.


Camperdown House

Connaught House

Connaught House in the days of Imperial Service College.

In 2007 Connaught Court was opened as retirement apartments beside the entrance to the former Kipling Building. The apartments were constructed on the site of the former Magistrates Court.

Connaught Court

Connaught Court nearing completion in March 2007

The history of St Mark's School, United Services College and Imperial Service College at Windsor is here.

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