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Victorian Advertising

French Royal Windsor Hair Restorer!!


Two French advertising cards promoting
the celebrated Royal Windsor Hair Restorer, c. 1900

What two young girls need hair restorer for, I have no idea, but the French seemed to think it was a strong and effective advertising image. Coupled with the name of Royal Windsor, then they would, of course, have been onto a winner! On the back of these cards was the following text. Certainly not allowed by the Advertising Standards Agency these days!

Do you have grey hair? Do you have dandruff? Is your hair weak and falling out? If the answer is 'Yes', then use Royal Windsor which will give back to grey hair the colour and natural beauty of youth. It stops hair falling out, makes dandruff disappear. It is the ONLY medal winning restorer. Incredible results. Sales always increasing. Look for Royal Windsor on the bottle. Available at hairdressers and perfumers in bottles and half bottles.

22, Rue d'Echiquier (Chess Board Street)

Send a stamped addressed envelope for a prospectus featuring further details and testimonials.


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