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Wartime Windsor

A.R.P. Notes
September - October 1940

June 2009


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The following notes were made at the time as each incident was reported and the ARP parties were sent out to see what they could do. Alerts included H.E. (high explosive bombs) and incendiaries. We shall be adding to this article as new information comes to hand.

Saturday, September 28th, 1940.

8.30 p.m. Siren-alert.

Sunday, September 29th.

3.30 a.m. Siren-all clear.
3.36 a.m. Purple.
3.40 a.m. Siren-alert.
3.45 a.m. Stand-by to send No. 1 party to Bracknell (Binfield)
3.50 a.m. Send-No. 1 party to Wardens Post, Barnes Gate, for Terrace Road, Binfield.
3.55 a m. Lorry left depot. Leader: Bond.
4.10 a.m. Lorry left Dedworth Manor picked up Moody at home and Robinson at the Destructor.
4.45 a m. Phoned Wardens Post at Binfield. "False Alarm" says Col. Lawson.
4.48 a.m. Inform Garner at Control of this.
5.07 a.m. Head Warden, Binfield reported No. 1 party arrived and turned back as all casualties had been rescued.
5.57 a.m. Siren-all clear.
6.25 a.m. No. 1 party returned to depot.
7.00 a.m. No. 1 party off-duty men go home.
9.15 p.m. Siren-alert.
11.15 p.m. Bombs at Datchet-Old Windsor. Stand to.
11.25 p.m. L.D.V. phoned from Old Windsor for a Rescue party.
11.30 p.m. Pope arrived from Old Windsor.
11.35 p.m. No. 3 party left for Albany Road, Old Windsor
12 mid. Templeman reported arrival. No casualties. Clearing up road.

Monday, September 30th

6.00 a.m. Siren-all clear.
8.08 p.m. Siren-alert.
10.45 p.m. 'Swishing' sound reported from several places. Ansell, Clewer Avenue, apparently the nearest. Also Hog Common.
11.30 p.m. Nos. 1 & 2 parties warned.

Tuesday, October lst.

12.24 a.m. Siren-all clear.
12.54 a.m. Siren-alert.
3.35 a.m. "Swish" to the south, says Moody. Ansell reports "swish" near Clewer New Town.
3.55 a.m. Report from householder at corner of Green Lane and Imperial Road. Bomb apparently fallen in back garden.
5.30 a.m. Two bombs 1/2 mile in Great Park.
5.55 a.m. Siren-all clear.
8.10 p m. Siren-alert.
8.40 p.m. Stanbrook reports oil-bomb sound, Old Windsor.
8.46 p.m. Two H.Es. on Smiths Lawn (one unexploded). One unexploded bomb Old Windsor.
10.25 p.m. Salvo of bombs in Maidenhead or White Waltham direction.
10.50 p m Siren-all clear.
11.15 p.m. Purple.
11.30 p.m. Siren-alert.
11.45 p.m. Willings reports "swisher" - Old Windsor.
  Hatch Lane area report from Control.
11.50 p.m. Brook Street area Report from H.Q. Control No. 2 party warned.
11.58 p.m. Bolton Road area report from Control and Wardens.

Wednesday, October 2nd

1.05 a.m. Two "swishes" followed by a blue glow [MISSING TEXT] direction.
1.10 a.m. Three red flashes. (Vale Estate), (?).
5.30 a.m. Siren-all clear.
3.05 p.m. Siren-alert.
3.30 p.m. Siren-call clear.
4.39 p.m. Siren-alert.
4.47 p.m. Siren-all clear.
7.45 p.m. Siren-alert
9.17 p.m. Siren-all clear.
9.34 p.m. Purple.
10.16 p.m. Siren-alert.

Thursday, October 3rd

6.23 a.m.

Siren-all clear.

During the day bombs were dropped at Farnham Royal and Slough from a Ju. 88. Cloud and drizzle.

8.45 p.m. Siren-alert.
9.30 p.m. Siren-all clear.
10.12 p.m. Siren-alert

Friday, October 4th.

2.00 a.m. Siren-all clear.
7.55 p.m. Siren-alert.

Saturday, October 5th.

12.56 a.m. Siren-all clear.
2.35 a.m. Siren-alert.
3.20 a.m. Siren-all clear.

Wednesday, October 9th.

8.08 p.m. Siren-alert.
11.25 p.m. Siren-all clear.
11.40 p.m. Purple.

Thursday, October 10th.

12.31 a.m. Siren-alert.
3.O0 a.m. Evenden passes on report received at Control from Old Windsor - house called "Santiago" has a bomb on it.
3.03 a.m. No. 2 Rescue Party warned.
3.10 a.m. Message received for Rescue party to go to above incident at Old Windsor.
3.20 a.m. No. 2 party leave depot having received instructions.
3.40 a.m. Cross reports from Sewage Farm that No. 2 party have arrived. No rescue work necessary.
4.00 a.m. No. 2 party report back at depot. One casualty at "Santiago", the riverside bungalow between Lupino Lane and Noel Gay. [Hand written comment: Brother of band leader Victor Sylvester killed.]
6.45 a.m. Time bomb exploded among Blinco's beetroots.
  Time of all clear not noted.
7.27 p.m. Siren-alert.

Friday, October llth

1.30 a.m. Two explosions heard. Oakley Green direction?
1.45 a.m. One explosion heard. Barry Drive?. Baths say Clewer Village. Destructor say towards Tarbay Farm.
2.15 a.m. No. 3 Rescue Party instructed to go to Barry Drive. St Leonards Hill. B Engineer so informed.
2.20 a.m. Woodeson set out to investigate but while chasing No. 3's lorry up Barry Drive, he fell off his bike and injured his leg. On returning to offices he was sent home with his leg bandaged.
2.25 a.m. No. 1 Rescue Party sent to Lovejoys Farm, St Leonards Hill.
2.30 a.m. No. 2 Rescue Party told to stand by Ansell told of incident.
2.45 a.m. No. 1 Party turned back by Police at Clewer Hill Road.
2.50 a.m. No. 3 Party- reported back to yard. Two bombs have dropped near Lovejoys Farm Cottages. One harmlessly in a field-the other by one cottage which is seriously damaged and evacuated. No serious injuries.
3.00 a.m. Borough Engineer informed of above report. Templeman instructed to survey the damage when it is light enough.
5.O0 a.m. Siren-all clear.
7.15 a.m. Cottages examined and found dangerous and not repairable.
7.40 a.m. No. 1 Party commenced salvage operations.
7.00 p.m. No. 1 Party return to depot.

Wednesday, October 16th

7.37 p.m. Siren-alert.
8.40 p.m. Message from Garner at Control: "Enemy Balloons, 10 to 20 feet in diameter reported in this area last night.
  A small explosive charge worked by clockwork is carried and care is needed in handling. Leaflets are carried by these balloons".
8.45 p.m. All squads and Mr McRae informed of above message by this time.
  Siren-all clear.

Saturday, October l9th.

10.30 p.m. Kendall reports bombs in Maidenhead direction but a good way off.
10.40 p.m. Evenden reports from Control - Unexploded bomb near Etonian Country Club.
10.41 p.m. No. 3 Party (Templeman) standing by.
10.48 p.m. Negative report from No. 3 Party at Baths.

Sunday, October 20th.

12.00 mid. Control reports that Dorney guns hit an aeroplane at 8.25 p.m. tonight and that it crashed at Uxbridge.
2.30 a.m. Evenden reports delayed action bomb 100 yards from bungalow at Flemish Farm.
  Siren-all clear.

Monday, October 21st.

7.15 p.m. Siren-alert.
8.15 p.m. Evenden asks for confirmation of bombs in Dedworth direction. Rung Destructor but they could not give any help.
8.18 p.m. No. 2b Rescue Party now standing by. Evenden now says bombs are beyond the Wolf and fireman at the destructor confirms this.
8.20 p.m. Deller rings up from, the baths to report two swishes about 1.5 miles off in Dedworth direction.

Monday, October 21st.

8.21 p.m. Evenden reports 3 unexploded bombs in Clewer Green (Winkfield Road) direction, also bomb near Clewer Hill Lodge.
8.49 p.m. Evenden reports that if any bombs have dropped, they are in woods or fields & not on any houses, as no more reports have come in. 2B Squad told to relax.
9.05 p.m. Rang Lovejoys Farm, they heard a bomb come down in the direction of the ruins in Barry Drive, and two more in Dedworth Green direction. Later on it was ascertained that an oil bomb landed in a tree at the back of Rogers at Dedworth, no damage.

Tuesday, October 22nd.

4.34 a.m. Siren-all clear.
7.00 p.m. Siren-alert..
7 15 p.m Several swishes followed by small explosions and a momentary red glow in Castle direction.
7.17 p.m. Control centre informed. Denmark Street direction given
7.19 Pam. Rang Mr McRae who said explosions were directly in front of his house, towards the level-crossing.
7.22 p.m. Control Centre informed of this.
7.35 p.m. Garner reports a "oil bomb by Cambridge Lodge".
11.35 p.m. Siren-all clear.

Wednesday, October 23rd.

1.07 a.m. Siren-alert.
1.28 a.m. Siren-all clear.
6.44 p.m. Siren-alert.
7.53 p.m. Control ask for information re. Bombs just dropped.
7.55 p.m. No. 1 Party report 4 bombs in Castle direction.
7.57 p.m. Evenden reports incendiary on roof of 'Hand and Glove' P.H. Alexandra Road.
7.59 p.m. Evenden reports H.E. by G.W.R. station.
8.00 p.m. No. 3 Party leave for Alexandra Road.
8.08 p.m. Ranscombe and Godden leave in lorry to pick us Hopson and Moody.
8.10 p.m. Evenden reports H.E. at corner of Alexandra and Devereux Roads.
8.11 p.m. Evenden reports delayed action bomb in Victoria Barracks.
8.14 p.m. Control asks for Water repair Party. Ansell takes message as he and Press had now arrived at office.
8.16 p.m. Cullingham reports from control that bomb has dropped in barracks, Alexandra Road opposite Albany Road.
8.19 p.m. Ansell and Press leave for Alexandra Road.
8.20 p.m. No. 2 Party report that Knott and Mills have come in bringing their strength to 6. They are standing by.
8.30 p.m. No. 2 Squad sent to Sun Passage, as an H.E. has landed there.
8.31 p.m. No. 2 Squads departure reported to Control.
8.34 p.m. Evenden reports H.E. at rear of W.H.Smiths, Thames St. (See 7.59 p.m. report).
8.35 p.m. Ranscombe and Godden return, having called out Hopson and Moody.
8.38 p.m. Control asks for Road Repair Squad.
8.40 p.m. Ranscombe and Godden leave in lorry to pick up Road Repair Squad.
8.51 p.m. Control agree to closing of Sun Passage - red lamps at either end, etc.
8.58 p.m.

No. 2 Party report back from Sun Passage. Water main and telephone cables damaged but nothing worse.

Control informed of this and the Squad return to the Destructor off-duty. Full-time off-duty men are to go home in half an hour's time.


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