Born '42 Book Cover


A Woman's Search for her WW2 Father

Jane Field


"Dad was in the war for six years, wasn't he?"

"Yea, that's right."

"Mum ­ did he have any leave?"

"No, none of the men 'ad leave. They were in the Middle East and couldn't get home."

"Where did I come from then? I was born in '42, right in the middle of the war."

Based on the author's true story of the amazing and traumatic events that she came across in a four year search for her Canadian WW2 Airman father. Although Jane knew that her 'dad' wasn't her real father from the age of sixteen, it was only when she was forty four that Jane's mother revealed her true father's name. This is when the search began. The story tells of Jane's emotions during what often seemed an impossible task in a way that can only come from first hand experience.

"An amazing story, direct from the heart!" Clive Kemp

"Moving. Stimulating. Fascinating..." Steven Ellis

ISBN 0 9519103 0 2

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