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Local History in The Ascot Area


'Cheapside in the Forest of Windsor' covers the area to the south west of Windsor Great Park and provides a comprehensive history of Sunninghill and Ascot up to the division of the parishes in the 19th century. The book will be enjoyed by all with an interest in the local history of this area.


'Remembering Wartime' takes a detailed look at a similar area of but also includes Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale during World War Two. There was much activity hereabouts with the USAAF at Sunningdale Park, members the exiled Dutch government at Rosewood, Burleigh Road plus a wide variety of nationalities living in the area for the duration of the war. The book covers the use to which other large houses in the area were put by a wide variety of organisations. These included Beech Grove, Kingswick, Englemere and The Berystede Hotel.

Of a considerable number of photographs, perhaps the most poignant is that of the Sunningdale Home Guard Dugout and Machine Gun post set up beside a phone box. Special PC Oswald Mold is in attendance. There is no doubt that the resistance that this defence could have put up in the event of an invasion would have been shortlived and almost certainly fatal to those manning it. But I suppose in wartime most of us would be anxious to at least do something...

All in all a fascinating read. Copies are available price £10 each (plus £2.00) P&P from Cheapside Publications, Heronsbrook Cottage, Cheapside, Ascot, SL5 7QG or from Chapman's in Sunninghill.

Christime Weightman has also written 'The Bobby's Notebook' (On the Beat in Early Victorian Sunninghill) at £4.00. It comprises a remarkable survivor, the day to day notebook of a policeman in 1841, before the days of the County Police Force, and transcribed here with an explanatory essay.

Local History

Windlesora 15

Windlesora 16
Windlesora 17

Windlesora 18

Windlesora 19

Windlesora 20

Featuring stories from the past history of the Royal Borough of Windsor and published as a series of booklets.

For an index of all stories published in Windlesora since the first issue please click here. Windlesora Index

Windsor - A Thousand Years (Out of print)

1000 years

A year by year account of the town over the last 1000 years with additional information panels and illustrations. A fascinating record of our town's development. Secondhand copies are sometimes available through Thamesweb.

The Harcourt Journals

The Memoirs and Diaries of Sophie and Amedee d'Harcourt, St. Leonards Hill, Windsor. Translated and abridged by Sheila and Pat Rooney.

A Y Nutt of Windsor Castle  (Out of print 2007)

Architect and Surveyor at Windsor Castle and Custodian of the Royal Mausoleum at Frogmore in Victorian times, this book describes A Y Nutt's work and commissions for the Royal Family through 40 years.

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Buildings of Old Windsor

A carefully researched book describing many of the houses and other buildings of the area.

Community of St John the Baptist, Windsor
A Trilogy

A Joyous Service

This is the first major history of the Clewer Sisters and the Community of St John the Baptist, Windsor, UK.

A Place in Life

The second in the trilogy of the Clewer Sisters and the Community of St John the Baptist, Windsor, UK.

Sisters of the Raj

A thoroughly researched history of the Clewer Sisters and their work in India during the Raj.



Letters from the Oxford Mission in India, 1946 - 1993

Father Theodore Mathieson worked in Calcutta from the late 40s for the Oxford Mission. His letters, lively, affectionate and humorous, tell the story of his life and work in India, his love of classical music, and the training of young musicians.

A Flame in the Shadows

A biography of Robert Reid, Bishop of Orkney, 1541-1558.

See also Description and History of Orkney

F J Camm

The achievements and versatility of a man immersed in the dawning of flight, radio, television and motoring plus his work as editor of the Practical series of magazines.

Local History

A History of the Orkneys

From the first account of their becoming a fief of the Kingdom of Norway in the year 875 to the 1762.

George Low (1747 - 1795)

Lower Halstow, Kent

A thoroughly researched history of the village of Lower Halstow in Kent by Pauline Stevens.

Eckington, Derbyshire

The Court Rolls, Volume IV. 1633-1694

The Court Rolls, Volume V. 1694-1804

Eckington lies in Derbyshire almost equidistant from Sheffield to the north-west and Chesterfield in the south-west. This remarkable publication features comprehensive records of the ancient parish and Manor including Mosborough, Bramley, Plumbley, Renishaw, Spinkhill and Troway.


Kinglassie - Mine Roots

A selection of Andrew Farmer's poems, prose and photographs from a Scottish mining town.

Lamping the Flame

A further selection of Andrew Farmer's poems, prose and photographs from a Scottish mining town.

True Stories

Get Down

Experiences of the war in the South of England between 1940-45

Born '42

Based on the author's true story of the amazing and traumatic events that she came across in a four year search for her Canadian WW2 airman father.

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