Sisters of the Raj Front Cover

Sisters of the Raj
By Valerie Bonham

This the final volume in a trilogy chronicling the life and work of the Community of St John Baptist, Clewer, Windsor, UK.

In 1881 three Sisters left England to organise nursing in Calcutta, India. Their work grew to encompass other hospitals and schools in Calcutta and Darjeeling and to undertake missionary work.

Around 100 Sisters worked in India for some 64 years during British rule. Sister Jane Frances, the leader of the Sisters for 30 years, fell in love with India and when she died, the Bengali people were deeply grieved. The Sisters attitude towards non-Christian religions and a foreign culture developed into deep respect which was ahead of its time.

Life was not easy for the Sisters. Diseases, a catastrophic landslip at Darjeeling, and a shipwreck brought out heroic qualities they never knew they possessed.

This is a record of how an Anglican Religious Community worked within the context of empire, and how the Sisters grew to love India and to be loved by the people. The Raj and all it represented forms the backcloth; the main players are the Sisters and those amongst whom they lived and worked; but the grand theme is always India.

340 pages. 4 pages colour illustrations. 24 pages B&W illustrations

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