A Joyous Service Front Cover

A Joyous Service
Valerie Bonham

What is the connection between Kilvert's diary and the Clewer Sisters? Why did a Clewer Sister have a military bearer-party at her funeral?

What did Queen Victoria record in her diary after her visit to the Clewer House of Mercy?

Who were the 'the disgusting boys'?

The answers to these and many more questions will be found in 'A Joyous Service: the Clewer Sisters and their Work.'

This is the first major history of the Community of St John the Baptist, Clewer, one of the earliest and fastest growing Anglican women's Communities. The author has drawn upon hitherto unpublished material in order to trace the development of the Sisterhood, culminating in the present day work. Queen Victoria, Gladstone, Archbishop Tait, Bishop Wilberforce, Fr Mackonochie and other well known personalities walk across these pages. Most of the 27 photographs appear for the first time and reflect the varied and changing work of the Sisters.

"A notable contribution to the study of Sisterhoods" - A. M. Allchin

Includes 27 black and white photographs, 156 pages, paperback, indexed.

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