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A Flame in the Shadows
Olaf D Cuthbert

Robert Reid, Bishop of Orkney,
1541 - 1558

The sixteenth century saw the Scottish nation resisting the incursions of the English, and the Scottish Church fighting a rearguard action against the Protestant Reformation. Whilst the nation was largely successful in keeping the English at bay, the Church had, eventually, to give way to the overwhelming desire of the people for reform.
Robert Reid, Bishop of Orkney, was a champion of both causes. As a diplomat he succeeded in achieving peaceful settlements both with the English and among the warring factions of his own countrymen, and in conducting negotiations for the marriage of two monarchs. As a churchman he was a staunch upholder of the Catholic faith but not blind to its failings. As Abbot of Kinloss he was a humanist who made his monastery a place of learning and, as President of the College of Justice, he became the leading lawyer of his time.
In Orkney he reformed the cathedral chapter; repaired the Bishop's Palace, adding a round tower, the ruins of which still stand as a landmark in Kirkwall; and completed the extension to the Cathedral and restored the Grammar and Sang Schools.
Bishop Reid lived at a time when dark clouds hung over the medieval church. Yet, whilst he lived, one candle flame, at least, kept at bay the encroaching shadows.
His death in 1558 deprived both Orkney and Scotland of a great cleric and statesman but saved him from having to confront the changes that were to face the clerical hierarchy after 1560.

Includes 8 colour photographs, 188 pages, paperback, indexed.

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