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Updated Feb 2014

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Environment Agency
Flood Website

This page features useful information in the event of flooding in your area, including current flood warnings.

to Postcode Search for Area Flood Maps

These are pre-prepared maps showing areas at risk of flooding. They do not show the current areas of flooding.

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Flood Line Telephone Service

Anyone concerned about the possibility of flooding in their area should call the Flood Line number for the latest information. The number to call is:

0345 988 1188
(NB Updated, cheaper, phone number)

Follow the recorded instructions to access information about the area of interest.

As of December 2012, the code for Flood Warnings is 1 followed by a Quick Dial Number.

The Quick Dial number for Windsor is 173105

The Quick Dial number for Windsor to Datchet is 173106

The complete sequence of numbers for Windsor reach, above Romney Lock, is therefore

0345 988 1188 --- 1 --- 173105

The complete sequence of numbers for Datchet reach, below Romney Lock, is therefore

0345 988 1188 --- 1 --- 173106

where --- requires a pause while the system responds


January 2003 Environment Agency web site unavailable

From Friday 3rd through to Monday 6th January 2003 the Environment Agency web site was totally unavailable apart from a temporary page apologising for the site's non-availability and listing the Flood Warning status in those areas affected by flooding. The full site was restored by Tuesday morning, 7th January 2003.
  It seems to us that if the Environment Agency is planning to use the internet to issue flood advice and warnings, it would be well advised to make sure it is available at those times when public demand is at its peak, i.e. during times of flood! Fortunately the telephone service detailed above has been operational on all those occasions when we have used it.

Update Nov-Dec 2009

Following recent flooding elsewhere in the UK, we have checked the Environment Agency website and their floodline numbers and found that they had changed in August 2009. This seems unnecessary and possibly even dangerous if residents who live in a flood risk area have taken the trouble to note down the number they should ring, only to find that it has been changed.

Update Feb 2014

Following press complaints that the 0845 phone number was an expensive service, the Environment Agency can now be contacted via the cheaper 0345 number shown above.


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