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The Thames at Windsor

Dawn, 10th June 2001 at 6.00am
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Introduction and Overview

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Windsor's Thames Forum

The River Thames at Windsor


Introduction and

 The Bridges at Windsor

Swans and Swan Upping

A Trip on the River
(Self Drive Motorboat and Rowing Boat)

Innogy Plc proposes Hydro-electric scheme at Romney

News of Successful Research
Vaccination of The Mute Swan

The River Thames in
Bygone Days

From ISC School Magazine 1926

The Development of the Promenade at Windsor

Romney Lock, pictures from the past and 'How Locks Work'
  Floodline and Flood Warnings

  A Youngster's Tales of the Thames
Experiences while working for Goldings who ran the excursion boats from Windsor Promenade. Story here

The River in Flood

Flood of January 2003

The Aftermath - Reports, News and Views

The Jubilee River
Flood Relief Scheme
Index to Stories

November 2000

December 2000

The Floods of the 1870s

The Windsor Floods of 1947
The year Windsor flooded
Story and pictures

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