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The River Thames at Dawn

The Thames at Windsor. Dawn, 10th June 2001

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The Thames at Windsor - Index

In this article we look at the many attractions that exist on our stretch of this important river. We shall, given time, be making available more and more of the history of the river since ancient times. In the meantime we invite you to enjoy this most tranquil part of our town.

Heights above Mean High Tide, London

Upstream, above Boveney Lock - 19.60 metres. (64 feet)
At Windsor Bridge - 18.13 metres. (59 feet)
ownstream, below Romney Lock - 16.92 metres. (55 feet)

Brunel's Bridge, Thames and Castle

A view looking east towards Windsor Castle
with Brunel's Great Western 'Bowstring' Railway Bridge
The view is less attractive during the floods!! [Click for view Dec 14th 2000]

The Thames at Windsor offers many opportunities for relaxation. A variety of boats are available for hire including rowing boats, motor boats and larger cruisers for extended trips up and down the river.
  Pleasure launches run from Barry Avenue Promenade and offer 30 minute and two hour trips up the river to Boveney Lock and back. The views of Windsor and the Castle are excellent! 
  Visitors and local residents alike enjoy taking their children to feed the ducks and swans. Although strictly speaking the birds are herbivorous and aren't really supposed to eat bread - they seem to enjoy it!
  Fishing is also popular. The river is well stocked with pike, chub, barbel, perch, roach, dace, etc.

Windsor Promenade

A view looking west from Windsor Bridge towards the promenade, the departure point for river trips.

Hire boats, both motor boats and rowing boats, are available by the half hour and longer from The Promenade above.

French Brothers run passenger launch trips throughout the day from Windsor Promenade.

From below Windsor Bridge, adjacent to the Riverside Railway Station (connecting with Waterloo in London), Salter Bros run Passenger Boat Services up and downstream. For more information please call 01753 865832 in Windsor or the Head Office: 01865 243421. A trip upstream to Marlow takes about 4 hours, downstream to Staines about 2 hours.

For boat and cruiser hire, visit Kris Cruisers Website of Datchet or email Kris Cruisers

Opportunities exist for bird watching, painting and extended walks and cycling along The Thames Path, a signed route which extends from the Thames estuary to the river's source in Gloucestershire. The Flood Relief Channel, running to the north of Windsor and completed in 2001 offers additional walks, cycle and horse riding. It has since been named The Jubilee River.

The Locks and Weirs on the Thames

The system of locks throughout the length of the river are interesting to visit. Locks are in effect 'steps' in the river as it flows to the sea. With lock gates at each end, boats travelling upstream, for example, would enter the lock when it is 'empty' (i.e. at the level of the lower reach). When the gates are closed the lock is filled by the pressure of water from upstream. Once the lock is filled the upper gates are opened and the boats proceed. At this point vessels travelling down stream can now enter the lock and be lowered to the next reach. For more information see The Lock and Weir at Romney Lock, Windsor.

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