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This area is intended to feature selected stories and editorials during the year. We do not try to cover every aspect of news as this is very well covered by other media but we are happy to include genuine stories, especially local campaigns, that you send us. Our prime objective is to provide greater depth and background information AND to ensure that this information is permanently available. Contact the Editor

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January 2002 Graffiti -
War Planned say Borough

The Borough are planning to step up their war on graffiti with a number of measures. These include: Special credits for teenagers helping in graffiti cleaning up - Projects for graffiti artists - Young offenders to remove graffiti as part of their community service. Graffiti Pages

February 2002

Rain and gales

Friday, February 2nd 2002, 02/02/02, saw rain, high winds and gales over much of the UK especially in the north and south west. Windsor escaped lightly with only a few trees brought down.

Poplar down at Vansittart Rec 02 Feb 02

Here the last of the poplars in Vansittart Road Recreation Ground was brought down, ending up lying across the approach to the Goslar Way underpass and into the grounds of the offices opposite.

Poplar down at Vansittart Rec 02 Feb 02

The branches were quickly cut back to allow access, but the fencing was quite badly bent, as was the street light, although it continued to work!
A number of poplars along the eastern side of Vansittart Road Recreation Ground have, one by one, been lost in recent years. This was the last to go.
Another tree fell at the junction of Smiths Lane and Maidenhead Road during the storm.
Although the river is running fast, and levels are slightly up, Windsor is not affected by flood warnings as of 3rd February.

As of April 24th 2002 the fencing remains a hazard being broken away from the rest of the fence and bent outwards and although the bent sections were shortly removed, as of November 2002 the railings still await reinstatement.

February 2002

Echoes of September 11th 2001

The tragedy that is now becoming known simply as 'nine one one' was followed by a small outbreak of anthrax in America, distributed through the mail. As a result postal services were severely hit. One parcel from America to Windsor, posted Air Mail on September 11th 2001 from Lower Burrel, PA, reached Windsor on February 8th 2002!! Story

February 2002

HRH Princess Margaret, 1930 - 2002

The funeral of Princess Margaret, sister to HM Queen Elizabeth II, took place in St George's Chapel 15th February at 3.00pm, the 50th Anniversary of the Funeral of George VI, Princess Margaret's father. 'Windsor Childhood' plus 'Last journey through Windsor'

March 2002

Alma Road Car Park - Plans

Plans announced for Alma Road Car Park and Alexandra Gardens. Story

April 2002

HM Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother

The much loved and respected Queen Mother died at the age of 101. Index to Queen Mother stories

April 2002

Our Saluting Cannons

The Royal Borough has fired Salutes in Windsor since 1754! Pictures of Salute for Queen Elizabeth's 76th Birthday, 2002.

June 2002

Jubilee Celebrations and Street Parties

Jubilee Events

Street Party

State Bentley

October 2002

Environment Agency say
"Be prepared for flooding"


from The Informer, Windsor, October 9th 2002

Windsor residents are feeling just a tad bemused by the current headings in the local papers. So what was the £100 million for? Just how effective will our new Jubilee River be? Not very it seems from this week's Press Release from the Environment Agency!
  OK, so it is a national campaign to raise awareness of the chances of flooding in the coming months following the numerous incidents of flooding around the UK in the last year or two. Windsor did not suffer then, and probably is less at risk now with the flood channel completed, but you never know! See The Floods of January 2003

October 2002

More Gales - but little rain

For several days we had been warned that a major storm was brewing in the Atlantic and would be with us on Sunday 27th October and so it was that from the early hours of the morning the gales duly arrived. Fortunately there was little heavy rain and so rather less damage was done to trees as might have been the case had they been really sodden. A fir tree was noted down in Clarence Crescent gardens, and the approach road to the Home Park was blocked for a while plus there were the to be expected tiles and broken shop signs, but the truth of the matter is that we got away rather lightly!

November 2002

Princess Anne fined following dog attack

Thursday, 21 November, 2002. Princess Anne was fined £500 today and ordered to pay £250 compensation after pleading guilty to a charge under the Dangerous Dogs Act that her English Bull Terrier, Dotty, had attacked two children. The Princess was also ordered to keep the dog on a lead in public, to arrange additional training and to pay £148 court costs. The incident took place on April 1st 2002 in Windsor Great Park. Princess Anne, The Princess Royal, appeared in her full name Anne Elizabeth Alice Laurence and admitted being responsible for a dog that was out of control.

December 2002

Year ends with heavy rain

The month has been very wet and dreary although mild. Christmas Day itself was reasonable but towards the end of the month the rains returned. The implications for the Thames was that because its entire length received very heavy rain, flooding looked very likely. The only question was - How much and how high? The Floods of January 2003

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