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A Pictorial Series of Windsor Views from the past and present

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Blacknest Gate, Windsor Great Park

Backnest Gate WW1

A card published by H.E.Ree of Sunninghill, showing Blacknest Gate in Windsor Great Park. Postmark not clear but from around WW1 era.

Blacknest Gate 2

Another view from a similar period, hand-tinted, this time featuring the top-hatted gate-keeper.

I recall driving into the park on a number of occasions in the 1960s when the white park gates shown below were equipped with 'push plates' at the height of a car's bumper. It was quite easy, though took some courage, to drive slowly up to the gates, nudge the plates with the bumper, then accelerate through the gates which would swing wide open for you to pass through, then swing back to close behind you. With the large thick steel and chrome bumpers of older cars, this was a safe enough exercise, though one was always wary of the chance that the gates would swing back and crash into both sides of the car at once. Quite a tale to tell an insurance company! Luckily it never happened to me!

Blacknest Gate Feb 2003

Blacknest Gate in February 2003

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