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The State Visit of King Abdullah II
and Queen Rania of Jordan

6th November 2001

The King of Jordan with the Queen

King Abdullah II and Queen Elizabeth II pass The Castle Hotel

Photographs of The Procession

Household Cavalry at Curfew Tower

Crowds line the streets as the Household Cavalry ride to the dais in Datchet Road
where the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh will greet King Abdullah II and his wife, Queen Rania

A Banner in the Jordanian colours

A banner in the Jordanian colours

Farriers of the Blues

The Farriers of the Blues bring up the rear of the Household Cavalry
with their shining axes


The Carriage Procession

Mounted Police

Advance Points

1st Division of the Escort

The Household Cavalry lead the procession

1st Division of the Escort lead the procession up the hill to the castle as
a soldier of No. 4 Half Company of the Grenadier Guards presents arms

The State Landaus approach

The State Landaus pass below the castle walls


2nd Division of the Escort

First Carriage

The 1902 State Landau

King Abdullah with Queen Elizabeth

The King of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Queen Elizabeth II

Standard Party

Second Carriage

The Semi-State Landau

Queen Rania in the second carriage

Queen Rania travelling with the Duke of Edinburgh in the second landau,


Standard Party


3rd Division Of the Escort

Third Carriage

The Third Carriage with Princess Anne

The Princess Royal

Commodore Timothy Laurence, RN.

His Royal Highness Lieutenant Colonel Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein
Commander, His Majesty's Special Security

The Lord Vestey
Master of the Horse


Fourth Carriage

Her Royal Highness Princess Basma Bint Talal

His Excellency Mr Walid Kurdi

His Royal Highness Prince Hashim Bin Al Hussen

The Countess of Airlie

4th Carriage

Fifth Carriage

His Excellency Mr Ali Abu Ragheb
Prime Minister

Mrs. Yousra Abu Ragheb

His Excellency Or. Fayez Tarawneh
Chief of the Royal Hashemite Court

Mrs Rouwaida Tarawneh


Sixth Carriage

His Excellency Mr. Abdul Ilah Khatib
Foreign Minister

His Excellency Mr Faisal El Fayez
Chief of Royal Protocol

The Lord Faringdon

Mrs. Fiona Henderson


Seventh Carriage

His Excellency Mr Timoor Daghistani
Ambassador of Jordan

Mrs Patrice Daghistani

Mr. Edward Chaplin

Mrs. Chaplin

4th Division of the Escort

4th Division of the Escort

4th Division of the Escort

Rear Points

Crown Equerry

Mounted Police

Metropolitan Police

A behind the scenes view

A behind the scenes view in River Street Car Park, where Police and local authority vehicles park up during the procession

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