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This area is intended to feature selected stories and editorials from around Windsor during the year. We do not try to cover every aspect of news as this is very well covered by other media but we are happy to include genuine stories, especially local campaigns, that you send us. Our prime objective is to provide greater depth and background information on more specific matters of concern AND to ensure that this information is permanently available. It will not be discarded and forgotten in the years to come - it will always be available! Contact the Editor

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December 2001

Graffiti in Windsor -
Paint it Puce!

Local residents up in arms over seriously unfortunate colour scheme following graffiti attacks over the months in Vansittart Road Underpass. Report and Photographs

November 2001

State Visit
King Abdullah of Jordan

State Visit - The King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of Jordan. November 6th 2001. Political difficulties in the Middle East forced the cancellation of the planned State Visit by the King of Jordan in November 2000. The postponed State Visit began on November 6th 2001 with a procession through the streets of Windsor to the Castle. For pictures click here

Tele2 arrives in Windsor area - Now that's fast!

 A personal experience of Tele2's Wireless Internet access. Verdict? Great!

Read about a new way to log on instantly

September 2001

U.S. Attacks:
Castle Flag at Half Mast

During a National Day of Morning, 14th September 2001, the Union flag was flown at half mast over The Round Tower and elsewhere in Windsor. Photos and story

August 2001

Vansittart Road Mural Restored

Underpass Millennium Mural restored. Following extensive vandalism earlier in the year, The Oakbridge Centre team has beautifully restored the mural. Details here.

Windsor Bridge Facelift

 The Grade II listed bridge, dating from 1823, has been closed to road traffic for 31 years and recently even pedestrians access has been restricted but now plans are afoot to give the bridge a facelift. See Windsor Bridge Facelift [Includes link to The Windsor Bridge Story]

July 2001

Vansittart Recreation Ground Skate Park

The Skate Park continues to cause local residents concern par ticularly as a result of noise late at night. Vansittart Road Rec updates

June 2001

East Berks College Redevelopment News

Preliminary information about the planned redevlopment of St Leonards Road and Claremont Road to provide new College facilities and release land for additional housing...?

State Visit of President of
South Africa

Windsor welcomes Mr Thabo Mbeki, President of South Africa with his wife on the occasion of The State Visit. Pictures of the Procession

Michael Trend, re-elected as Windsor's MP

Conservative candidate Michael Trend was re-elected as Windsor's Member of Parliament for Windsor at the General Election held on June 7th. He won 19,900 votes, with the Liberal Democrat, Nick Pinfield winning 11,011 votes, Labour candidate Mark Muller won 10,137 and the UKIP candidate, John Fagan polled just 1,062. The Conservative majority was 8,889. In a smaller poll, 57.3 per cent, The Liberal Democrat vote was down by 3,548 and the Labour party vote up by 850. Whilst the 'Lib Dems' retained second place, their margin was reduced to just 874 votes compared to 5,272 in 1997. Windsor is considered a very safe Conservative seat although local council elections are rather more closeley fought.

May 2001

Vansittart Recreation

After three (failed) attempts to build on it, Vansittart Road Recreation Ground has had thousands of pounds spent in creating a Skate Park, landscaping and Play Area. So what is it like. Any problems?? What do you think?

Vansittart Skate Park updates

News of Flood Relief Channel

Will it do its job?

 Following a competition organised by the Environment Agency, this month sees the announcement of the name selected by the judges as the most appropriate.

Also, the effect of the worst weather for many a long day. Is the channel up to it?

The Jubilee River - Editorial

Empty Houses and the Alma Road Car Park

Despite a decision in 1999 to shelve the proposed Alma Road Car Park, and the associated demolition of the Sir Sydney Camm's family home, all 10 properties remain empty. Why???

Empty Houses and the Alma Road Car Park

April 2001

Military Ceremony In Windsor

Laying up of The Colours
1st Battalion Coldstream Guards

Wednesday 11th April 2001, 11.00am

Band and Troops marching to Church Serviec

Click picture for more

Let's Wipe Out Graffiti!!

A Welcome to the Windsor Express Anti-Graffiti Campaign

We had reason to report in February that graffiti in the borough had increased substantially in the preceding months yet the Borough makes no attempt to promptly remove the offensive material.
The racist and obscene examples seen in the last week has now triggered a substantial campaign in The Windsor Express which is to be welcomed.

Read the latest news at Let's Wipe Out Graffiti!!

March 2001

Foot and Mouth Disease
Windsor Unaffected!!

More information

February 2001

1st February 2001

Graffiti more widespread
and the rain has no affect!

During walks about the town, the increase in graffiti is noticeable. Apparently the council will eventually come along and remove it, well, paint over it anyway, though often the offending scrawl is still visible beneath. At a certain point in the town which we will not actually name here for fear of further malicious damage, the scrawls are extensive and quite obviously the work of more than one individual. The same 'style' of scrawl is often repeated at other points in the town and so each example must be the work of the same individual, although the number of different images suggest that more than one person is responsible.
  Although we have photographic evidence, Thamesweb will not give those responsible the satisfaction of seeing their efforts publicised here.
  It is disheartening when this vandalism is so widely repeated, but it is more saddening that little is done either to remove the mess promptly or to identify and prosecute the offenders. Amazingly the penalties for such vandalism can be as much as 10 years in prison! Such are the laws of this land that damage to property can be punished far more harshly than injury to the person.
Whilst we would not endorse punishment this harsh, we heartily urge the Borough to take on board the fact that graffiti, when left, encourages more of the same. Graffiti should be reported and removed within a few days at most, and the culprits actively pursued and prosecuted.
  In the meantime schools and colleges should make sure that their students are fully aware of the penalties and that local residents are now on the war path!!!
  If anyone would like to join us in this battle, do get in touch!
  Would that the rain would do some good for a change and wash away the mess... seems not, although not for the first time this winter we are reporting yet more heavy rain this weekend, 3rd and 4th February.

See also April 2001

8th February 2001

River levels on the rise again

Once again we are reporting that the Thames at Windsor is on the rise. Following significant rainfall over the last few days, levels have risen to about two feet above normal. From midday Wednesday 7th to the same time Thursday 8th February levels have risen by almost one foot, 30cms. More rain is forecast and The Environment Agency has once again issued a Flood Watch for the Thames from Marlow to Windsor. River levels will continue to rise "very slowly" with "localised over-topping" of river banks.

20th February 2001

River levels up and down
like a yo-yo - and catches out
Flood Relief excavator driver!

It is hard to keep track of the river levels these days. In my youth - in the fifties - the river would rise once, maybe twice in a winter and it would be the cause for some local comment, though rarely concern.

During the week ending Saturday 17th February the river level rose once again following a reported 1" of rain upstream in the Oxford area over the previous weekend. The rise in the river has become almost a monthly event! And not just by an inch or two, one foot (30 cms) is not unusual and on Friday 16th February water was just beginning to cover Baths Island once again.

Here in Windsor last week, we enjoyed clear blue skies, following morning mist or fog, sunshine being very much a rarity this winter. But the very long term view, as featured on the television news of 19th February, is that the United Nations committee reporting on these matters, suggests that 'Global Warming' may be occurring faster than previously thought, and that increased rainfall, and hence further flooding may become rather more commonplace than in the past. Whilst The Thames cannot possibly be under the same threat as the vast coastal regions of, say, Bangladesh, the chances are that the Flood Relief Channel may be put to the test rather more often than the '60 year Worst Case' scenario that it is claimed to handle.

Whilst on the subject of the Flood Relief Channel, it was amusing to note, as the river rose last week, that at the southern end of the channel, adjacent to Black Potts, Pococks Lane, a less than attentive driver had left a large earth moving trailer and its tug rather lower in the channel excavations than was perhaps wise, so as the river rose, water lapped around the rig up to a depth of probably three feet. And there it stayed for several days! There is something ironic about Flood Relief construction vehicles getting caught in the floods... but I can't put my finger on it right now.

Views of the River Thames - December 2000

Flood Relief Scheme

Environment Agency Flood Warning Scheme

January 2001

21st-26th January 2001

Concorde stories from a Windsor perspective

Concorde Video clips

Twenty five years ago this week, Concorde flew its first commercial flight. After the Paris disaster in 2000, how is the aircraft seen today?

Updated in 2003 following decison to withdraw supersonic services by British Airways

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