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This area is intended to feature selected stories and editorials during the year. We do not try to cover every aspect of news as this is very well covered by other media but we are happy to include genuine stories, especially local campaigns, that you send us. Our prime objective is to provide greater depth and background information AND to ensure that this information is permanently available. Contact the Editor.

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January 2003

Major Flood but Jubilee River Works!

Heavy rain towards the end of 2002 resulted in a rapid rise in river levels after New Year. The newly completed Jubilee River protected Maidenhead and Windsor, but angered residents downstream.... Pictures and story

February 2003

Hydro-Electric Scheme for Windsor Castle

Innogy Plc announce plans for innovative hydro-electric scheme at Romney Weir. Story

February 2003

Plans for Graffiti 'Blitz' to be scrapped?

Windsor and Maidenhead Borough Council announce plans for a major crack-down on graffiti in the borough, then threaten to scrap it to save money a week later! Story

February 2003

Car Park Plans at Barry Avenue upset locals

Redevelopment at Alma Road and Barry Avenue upsets local residents who claim the original consultation was not undertaken fairly. Story

February 2003

Footbridge removed for a makeover

Imperial Road footbridge lifted and removed for repairs and painting. Pictures

April 2003

Iraq causes changes to Horse Show

Military commitments in Iraq have forced The Royal Windsor Horse show to revise the programme for the show this year with The King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery in particular being withdrawn. Story

In early May, the King's Troop display was reinstated.

April 2003

Iraq War - Household Cavalry Casualties

The Military Funerals took place this month of Lance Corporal of Horse Matty Hull and Lance Corporal Karl Shearer of the Blues and Royals. Lieutenant Alexander Tweedie, who was in the same vehicle as Karl Shearer, died later in an Edinburgh hospital.




May 2003

Windsor and Maidenhead Borough Elections

Liberal Democrats take charge after NOC! Read story

May 2003

Red Line from Windsor to Maidenhead

red line The strange story of the thick red line. Read story

July 2003

Progress in the Fight against Graffiti

We had hoped to report some progress in the fight against graffiti in the Borough - but we have none!

September 2003

Concorde retires

After 27 years flying overhead, we report on Concorde's last month and Windsor Castle's salute on her last flight.
Concorde Diary

News of Concorde Amateur Video CD!
A CD of take-ffs and landings in the last month of Concorde's operation is available. For more information please see Amateur Video CD Details

8th October 2003

Stunning Sunset!

It is not often that we cover natural events, but on this occasion we could not restrain ourselves!

Stunning sunset 8th October 2003

December 2003

Albert Bridge Restored

Photos of Albert Bridge with new balustrading being installed. PICTURES

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